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Winter Pairings for Nicolas 2016

Nicolas 2016 is a blend brimming with character, with each component outstanding in its own right which together creates something exceptional. Shiraz, a signature variety for Boschendal, adds intrigue and depth with spicy notes. Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot provide a classical structure which complement the beautiful deep colour and vibrant red fruit provided by the Malbec. While the Merlot enhances the fruit profile and Cabernet Franc elaborates on the spicy richness of the Shiraz.

Whether you’re hosting cosy dinners this winter or indulging privately – the 2016 vintage is the perfect accompaniment to any occasion! As we enter this new season, our chefs have crafted special pairings for the ideal Nicolas experience.  

Here are our top 3 dishes to pair with Nicolas this winter:

  • Rich Oxtail Stew:  The tannins of the Nicolas integrate particularly well with this dish and contribute a persistent spicy finish.  
  • Sumptuous roast lamb and rosemary: for another perfect culinary match, enjoy the Nicolas with a sumptuous roast lamb and rosemary. The prominent mulberry and plum flavours create a soft, rich collison of flavours.
  • Any dish containing cumin and/or coriander: These wonderful fragrant flavours blend perfectly with the black forest cake notes of cherry, cream and mocha found in the Nicolas 2016.

We’re offering our Wine society the exclusive opportunity to purchase the Nicolas 2016 online before it gets to store! If you’d like to share in this exclusive offer and more, we’d be happy to have you as part of the fellowship! Simply follow the link and start living #aninspiredlife with us!

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