Boschendal Wines

The women behind Boschendal Wines – winning awards and dominating within the industry

Striking the perfect balance between science and art, our winemakers Lizelle Gerber and Danielle Jacobs know exactly what goes into creating our award-winning wine.

We sat down with the women behind our exquisite wine and asked them to share a few insightful tips around what actually goes into producing award-winning wines.

Lizelle Gerber: Methodé Cap Classique and white winemaker

  1. Which local or international female winemakers do you admire?
    All females around the world deserve admiration. We form part of the essential beginning of life.We are natural born nurturers. In essence, this is most important thing in the winemaking process. To protect what nature has given us and keep it safe until bottling for our consumers to appreciate.
  2. What traits and qualities do women bring to the industry?
    Precision and attention to detail.
  3. What do you love most about Boschendal as an estate and as a wine producer?
    Innovation, timeless elegance and sophistication.

Danielle Jacobs: Assistant winemaker

  1. Why did you choose a career in wine?
    My first exposure to winemaking was when my uncle told me of his experiences at Ellensburg while he was studying to become a winemaker. I was eleven years old and ever since then my interest in the profession and all it entails has grown and continues to grow with every new learning curve. Winemaking is the perfect balance between science and art, creative freedom and using methods that have been tried and tested through centuries of practice.
  2. What should a young woman who is interested in winemaking do to get involved in the industry?
    Any dream or ambition needs to be pursued. There are many ways to start the journey, but for most this involves studying at a tertiary institution. And if possible try to get in touch with a winemaker or a mentor to help you on your journey.
  3. What is your ‘go-to’ wine at dinner parties?
    Any of the Boschendal Chardonnays. The 1685 Chardonnay for easy-drinking and the Elgin Appellation Series Chardonnay for a special occasion.

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