Boschendal Wines

The Estate

Boschendal lies between the Simonsberg and Drakenstein mountains an hour’s drive from Cape Town. The name Bos-en-dal, or wood and valley, reveals its essence: a breathtakingly beautiful valley basin of 1800 hectares. Location, the sheer scale, natural splendour and history make exploring Boschendal compelling. It beguiles and inspires wonder with its unique spirit of place.

With cottages scattered across the vast expanse and changing landscapes of the property, guests have a chance to immerse themselves into the many layers of South Africa’s second oldest wine farm. Dating back to 1685, Boschendal is a place where generations of families have worked. It is these combinations of stories and histories, mythical landscapes, and mysterious mountains that compel repeat visits. Great places need time for understanding and the unraveling of their complexities.

The Estate: Located near the Franschhoek Valley deep inside the Cape’s Floral Kingdom, it is a place where over 600 species of fynbos and 1000 hectares of protected nature reserve intertwine with our fruit orchards. It is a spectacular, bio-diverse environment. It is a place where grass-fed Angus cattle, forest-fed pigs and free range chickens work alongside our farmers to replenish and revitalise the soils. It is a place where our ducks help gardeners grow exquisite bio-dynamic produce for our two restaurants – we very much like the idea of farming and cooking with nature, and not against it. It is a place where guests can swim in our dams and feel comfortable picking fruit from our orchards – we like sharing our extraordinary produce. The only choice to make is whether to explore this magical place by foot, by pedal or by horse.

But, it has not always been this way. As recently as five years ago, Boschendal was in a state of ruin and disrepair employing fewer than 50 people. Five years later and with the help of committed investment, Boschendal is revitalizing and is proud to employ 550 people. We planted 600 000 new fruit trees and commenced an ambitious regenerative agriculture project to restore our soil ecology.

We recognize the uniqueness of this place as there are few places like it and feel strongly that this exceptionalism should define every guest experience. Experiences that replenish, re-energise and reveal the magic of farm living.

There is something special happening at Boschendal. We hope to see you on the farm soon!

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