Boschendal Wines

Q&A with Lizelle on what to expect from this year’s harvest.

For us, harvest season is the most wonderful time of the year. The vines become overladen with their precious cargo, with bunches of grapes maturing to a pristine palette of blue-green-red hues. There’s a feeling of possibility everywhere and our winemakers’ sense of excitement is palpable. For them, these are the ‘paints’ they’ll use to craft a new season of wines. These are the ingredients of excellence that’ll continue our proud history of 334-years of winemaking.

Lizelle Gerber, our white winemaker, says this year’s harvest has been bountiful, “We’ve had a particularly excellent year on the estate. It’s been wonderful to see how our chardonnay vines have matured. The drought had an impact last year but it’s phenomenal how fast our trees have recovered. We’re delighted with their growth and the calibre of this year’s fruit. Our wines are dependent on us having consistently excellent grapes. This year, I’ve been blown away with the quality.”

As the MCC and white winemaker, Gerber says she can’t wait to begin crafting Boschendal’s prestigious Methode Cap Classiques, “It’s no secret I’m particularly partial to our Jean le Long, so this is a vintage I’m always excited to create. I love making all our wines. I love how we combine our +300-year history with the latest in modern techniques. I’m incredibly proud of our team. I’m proud of all the accolades our wines have received and elated with the response to The Nicholas – our beautiful blend, which combines all the best elements of the farm to create one perfect bottle of wine.”

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