Boschendal Wines


Boschendal’s rich cultural history dates back 333 years to 1685. Our 1685 range is named in homage to the year the farm was founded. The collection is a celebration of our long wine-making history, along with modern innovation and sophistication. It has garnered multiple accolades and awards, and its diversity means it pairs exquisitely with myriad dishes.

Our 1685 collection offers an elegant, contemporary experience, while celebrating our 333 year-long wine-making history. It comprises a variety of premium vintages of exceptional quality, produced by our dedicated red and white winemakers, with strong emphasis on intensity of flavour and mouth feel.

We take you through this collection, with some special pairing suggestions to enjoy this summer:


1685 Chenin Blanc

An expressive blend of tropical elements ranging from ripe mango and pineapple to white peach, with a graceful hint of lime citrus. A leesy richness adds complexity and depth of flavour with ripples of toasted nuts.

Pair the crisp white with your favourite white meat or a summery smoked salmon.


1685 Sauvignon Blanc

A medley of yellow and green tropical fruits with notes of zesty citrus.  The soft, full-bodied wine hosts a good balance between acidity and structure, with a lingering finish.

Enjoy the Sauvignon Blanc with some fresh green vegetables (asparagus, fresh peas, etc.) or luxurious oysters.


1685 Chardonnay

Featuring stimulating citrus and ripe tropical fruit flavours, the well-balanced white delivers a soft, buttery character. Accents of cinnamon and nutmeg guide the palate.

The perfect wine to pair with your favourite seafood or chicken dish. Creamy chicken, grilled shrimp and tuna all work well.

1685 S&M

The alluring marriage of spice and fruit brings forth hints of soft white pepper and dark chocolate, accompanied by the rounded, lush plum and rich mulberry notes from the Mourvèdre component.

Indulge on the nippier evening, with slow-cooked, grilled and stewed meats; such as duck, pork and beef.


1685 Merlot

Rich red cherry plum and pronounced ripe mulberry flavours. The elegant cool-climate style of wine delivers an intensity of fruit and length, with subtle oak notes.

Enjoy with a blue cheese pairing, or a grilled steak.


1685 Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon

Expect delicate accents of black fruit and spice. This is a complex and intense wine, with pure fruit expression.

The wine works well with braaied meats, like succulent ribs and spicy sausages.


1685 Shiraz

Generous, deep black fruit combines with a pepper spice element. A rich, round and integrated fruit core shows elegant freshness and length, with lingering fruit on the finish.

The vintage pairs well with hard cheeses, especially cheddar. For the meat lover, roast lamb is a suitable partner for the wine as well.


1685 Cabernet Sauvignon

The commanding wine combines dark red and black fruit, with a juicy fruit core.

Pair it with lovely thyme-roasted mushrooms, a light pasta or some lean lamb.

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