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Perfect pairings for your afternoon picnic

Perfect pairings for your afternoon picnic

The end of February ushers in cooler afternoons. And as we revel in the last of the summer, our chefs have crafted special pairings for the perfect afternoon picnic featuring our award-winning Elgin Chardonnay, Brut NV Cap Classique and Black Angus blends.  With a strong emphasis on intensity of flavour and mouthfeel, this would be the ideal way to send-off an eventful summer.

Black Angus

With its ripe ruby colour, the wine mesmerizes with an impression of berry and plum aromas on introduction. This is then layered with winter spice and roast cacao bean complexity. Smooth and rich on the palate, the blend leads to sumptuous mulberry, black cherry and cassis flavours etched with black pepper and oak spice. The finish is long and moreish, with tremendous texture and lingering fruit concentration.

The spiciness of the Shiraz (or Syrah as it’s known in Europe) is the ideal match for aromatic herbs, garlic and other spices. As a relaxed starter to your picnic, pair the blend with peppery pesto sauce and crackers. This pesto is also a perfect pairing for a simple homemade pasta dish.

Elgin Chardonnay

This vibrant pale gold blend has an expressive aroma with hints of grapefruit and golden apple – and is detailed with accents of graceful lime blossom, frangipani and white truffle. Pasty characteristics carry through to a broad yet intricate palate, completed by a distinct minerality and freshness in the lingering finish.

The Chardonnay’s soft suggestion of sweetness complements ingredients such as corn, butternut, sweet potatoes and foods that are caramelized from roasting or grilling. The blend’s lasting finish is the perfect match with dishes with a silky texture, such as risottos and cream-enhanced soups, sauces and pasta. A caramelized roast chicken and an assortment of sides, accompanied by the Elgin Chardonnay, is the perfect comfort meal!

Brut NV Cap Classique

A flourish of delicate bubbles, enticing lemon cream and almond Biscotti precede the lenient release of zesty lemon and orange peel, leading to a finish with appealing length and freshness. Maturation on the lees provides a well-rounded creamy mouth-feel with detectable minerality, good balance and a seamless finish.

The blend’s richness is great with a not-too-sweet dessert. An assortment of berries, dark chocolate and lemon treats are the ideal pairs that will sustain the Brut for a balanced finish.

Ready to plan your picnic? Our winemakers have created an assortment of special packages – including this award-winning collection of blends – for you to enjoy this autumn. Be sure to visit our online store to view these exclusive offers.

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