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Great Wine Begins in The Vineyard

At Boschendal, we believe that great wine begins in the vineyard. For this reason, we have made it our priority to embrace sustainability techniques across both our farm and cellar practices in order to retain the country’s exceptional biodiversity and to empower the teams that work within it.

As a proud WWF Conservation Champion status recipient, Boschendal is committed to addressing environmental concerns and meets a set of rigorous conservation criteria. Our farming practices include raising free-range animals to reduce food miles and contribute to soil productivity. The health of the soil is integral to the health of the vines, and the use of cover crops in the vineyards to enrich the soil, inhibiting weed growth and preserving soil moisture, as well as managing erosion and controlling pests has proved invaluable.

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As far as water-saving strategies are concerned, the Western Cape drought shone a positive spotlight on Boschendal’s successful efforts thus far. In fact, Boschendal relies entirely on its own dams for all agricultural water, holding 3½ million cubic meters of water. Filling the dams and making the water last is achieved by careful and effective custodianship and management of the land, as well as using cover crops to protect the vineyard. The clearing of more than 500 hectares of alien vegetation at Boschendal has had a significant and positive impact on the birdlife and water flows, as well as resulting in improved soil quality in the vineyards and orchards, seeing water use reduced by 30%. In addition, Boschendal’s Cellar is now supported via a solar system, and most recently, a second massive solar farm producing almost one megawatt of electricity was introduced, reducing the farm’s reliance on the national grid. This holistic approach to both the vineyard and cellar has ensured that the Boschendal team can craft award-winning wine using the most sustainable farming processes possible.

By giving back to the environment now, we believe we are paving the way for a healthy and resilient future for people and planet alike.

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