Boschendal Wines

Celebrating passion beyond wine

At Boschendal, making wine is an expression of passion and the pursuit of perfection. We like to think of it as an art form – harnessing what nature provides and creating something exceptional for others to enjoy. Taking a simple ingredient or material, and through skilled workmanship, turning it into a masterpiece to be shared. Whether it’s via art, fashion or food – we have created the #BoschendalStyleClub to celebrate inspired living in all its forms.

Late nights, innovation, and unwavering dedication to push through the obstacles are not only the qualities that go into an exceptional bottle of wine, but are also the characteristics of the #BoschendalStyleClub nominees we are looking to celebrate.

“What is inspired living? At Boschendal, inspired living is living with passion and never settling for average – seeking always to not only be inspired but to inspire others too. It is the choices we make every day that build up to a life lived extraordinarily.”

This is why we are always seeking opportunities to support the arts and local artists – who share our desire to create and inspire.

Having grown exponentially and quickly become a standing fixture on the social calendar, we were drawn to the mission of First Thursdays, “allowing anyone to explore the city on foot and experience the cultural wealth the city has to offer”. To help support this goal, we are pleased to be involved with the warm-up events for each month. Taking place at a rotating selection of venues, we believe any evening started with a glass of Boschendal Bubbly is bound to be a good one!

To help with awareness of new and established artists, we have partnered with First Thursdays for their First Thursdays Video Series, which showcases artists and exhibitions across all fields.

Understanding that food and eating is a multisensory experience, with plating alone becoming an art form in itself, we’ve further broadened the dining experience by taking into account the surroundings in which a meal is enjoyed. As such, the Boschendal Style Award is now one of the most coveted at the annual Eat Out Awards. With previous winners of this prestigious award including Peter Tempelhoff’s The Greenhouse at the Cellars-Hohenhort, and David Higgs’ Marble, the caliber of restaurants vying for this award is inspiring.

Bringing that feeling of inspiration back to the estate, our farm-to-table ethos has seen the creation of a sustainable vegetable garden along with our Black Angus cattle on the grounds – allowing both our chefs and patrons to be inspired by the sights and sounds of nature while dining. As WWF Conservation Champions we are exceptionally proud of the sustainable farming practices on the farm and in our wine-making, ensuring that everything we do is done with minimal impact to the environment.

Bringing the #BoschendalStyleClub to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town 2017

Boschendal has been proud to be involved with Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town for the past year. Through this world class event, we have had the opportunity to introduce media and VIPs to the Boschendal ethos both on and off the runway.

This year, we are excited to host key influencers for a luxury “Boschendal Experience” during Fashion Week, as well as treating VIPS to our iconic Prestige Cuvée Jean Le Long between shows. Made from only the best Chardonnay grapes, with an extended maturation of 60 months, this elixir of pale gold perfectly showcases the dedication and passion we aim to celebrate across the creative arts. A perfect pairing.

Win a VIP experience to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town with #BoschendalStyleClub. Show us how you live a life less ordinary and enter here.




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