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Boschendal’s Extraordinary Year Crowned with 2021 Platter’s Guide Outstanding stars

With a 335-year heritage in award-winning winemaking, Boschendal Wines’ has been fortunate to have celebrated many special moments in 2020.

Garnering several awards and accolades, including Golden honours in the Amorim Cap Classique challenge for the Jean Le long 2009, Boschendal wines has been awarded their most recent accolades as the Platter’s Guide presented no less than 4 Boschendal wines with 4.5 stars in the 2021 report. One of these wines has yet to be released to market.

Boschendal Wines Cellar Master, Jacques Viljoen says that the accolades are a reward for the passion, hard work and dedication that the winemaking team practices to create consistently top-notch wines. “Our team works tirelessly to ensure that each vintage is an improvement on the last, but also to share our inspiration and love of the craft. Each vintage is an opportunity for us to capture the true essence of the harvest, the terroir and to create a work of art to celebrate with others.”

The Platter’s Guide is the country’s first and leading report on South Africa’s acclaimed winelands and farms. Reviewing hundreds of brands and thousands of individual wines in a blind tasting, the Platter’s Guide provides all you need to know about the South African wine landscape annually.

Acknowledged with a 4.5-star rating in the 2021 report, Boschendal Méthode Cap Classique Jean Le Long 2009, Black Angus 2017 and Noble Late Harvest Vin d’Or 2018 continue a year of outstanding recognition for Boschendal’s wine craftsmanship.

“The Heritage Collection continues to take its place as the pinnacle of Boschendal’s winemaking. Black Angus, an evolution of the original estate blend (The Grand Reserve) is a carefully crafted blend of Shiraz, Merlot, Petit Verdot and Malbec. The result is a voluptuous, full-bodied wine of black cherry, plum, roasted cocoa bean, black pepper and winter spice – and the reason for its numerous wins at the Platter’s Wine Awards 2021 (93 points), the Tim Atkin South Africa Report 2020 (90 points), the Prescient Signature Red Blend Report (Top 10) and the Mundus Vini Spring 2020 (Gold).” says Viljoen. “The exquisite Vin d’Or (2018) Noble Late Harvest, our newest wine in the Heritage Collection, earned 4.5-stars at Platter’s and Gold at the Decanter Wine Awards 2020 respectively this year – firmly affirming its reputation of ‘Liquid Gold’.” He concludes.

Having garnered 4.5 stars in Platter’s 2021 awards and Gold once again at the Amorim Cap Classique Challenge this year, the Jean Le Long Prestige Cuvée 2009 is a perfect example of the precision and patience it takes to produce a world-class Cap Classique. The vintage is only beginning its journey of excellence having been recently released. Cap Classique wine Winemaker, Danielle Jacobs says “Jean le long is quite a journey for a winemaker –it takes patience and attention – and you want to make sure everything is just right so that in 5 years’ time when we finally taste the rewards – we have created something exquisite that captures our essence in each perfect bubble.”

Boschendal Wines Marketing Manager, Shirley van Wyk says that this year has been a rewarding one for the estate. She adds “As much as we are focused on excellence – we are also keen to share the abundance and passion for what we do. Wine is not just about the awards – it is about that moment when you take a sip and you are transported to a place of sheer enjoyment and appreciation. That being said – we are incredibly proud of our team and for their continued contribution to the Boschendal legacy.”

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