Boschendal Wines

Boschendal Harvest Diary Update #3

As Boschendal shifts into full-on harvest mode, we reflect on the planning that has gone into #harvest2018. We consider the number of man-hours spent to put together the extensive and impressive amount of information we have available to us. As we quickly flick from page to page – checking vineyard information, origin, yield, sugar levels, receipts vs expectations and almost every desirable piece of information a cellar team might require – we do sometimes forget that these nuggets of useful information were not just downloaded from an online search engine. Stephan Joubert (viticulturist), with his optimistic attitude and infectious personality (not to mention his astounding knowledge on all things grape-associated), has remarkable skills when it comes to administration and we are eternally grateful for this as we start receiving grapes from the different vineyards.

JC Bekker (Group Winemaker) once again mans the deck at Boschendal for the red wine harvest. Which, coincidentally, started on his birthday. Once again, the cellar and management teams show just how dynamic they can be with their willingness to help in every possible way. Lizelle Gerber, white and MCC winemaker at Boschendal, continues with ceaselessly fine-tuning and perfecting every operation on her side of the Boschendal cellar. Her proficiency and expertise are inspirational to any young winemaker or individual in the cellar.

And while we are grateful for the input and planning that has gone into #harvest2018 thus far, we are also filled with gratitude for our cellar team and all the individuals helping us in our ever-evolving collection of improved winemaking practices. Everyone doing their part to help lighten the load – and in doing so, helping to make some seriously delicious wines. One of the wines which we have been especially excited about has been our Sauvignon Blanc from Durbanville. With Wine of Origin Cape Town settling in as one of the most marketable origins, we are again extremely pleased with the quality of this block. Consistent pH and acids from year to year and probably one of the most “cultivar specific” Sauvignon Blanc blocks in the region.  We have high hopes for this wine and even higher hopes for the next fortnight of harvesting Sauvignons.

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