Boschendal Wines

Big Wines with big heart

During harvest (and every other season in the cellar) we focus on creating wines that are savoured by our committed winos (those who have been sipping on Chardonnay since Bruce Springsteen made his debut), but we also focus on making wines that are complex but not too intimidating for newly-introduced wine lovers. This is evident, not only through the quality of wine produced (think “1685 Chardonnay”), but also through our commitment to constant innovation and improvement while still maintaining our love for all things fermented.

At the moment we have quite a few unique trials underway. From skin-fermented Marsanne and Verdelho to new and exciting explorations that are performed in conjunction with Universities as well as producers. The cellar-environment is one of continuous learning and ongoing improvement.

With the red wine cellar in constant motion: receiving, fermenting, pressing and moving to barrel, we are thrilled with the assortment of red berry, blackcurrant, spice and ripe fruit smells. Aerations and pumpovers during optimal periods (and for the correct duration) also assist us in maintaining varietal character and selected style preference for specific wines.

The availability of some of the newest and most efficient innovations also assists us in the process of producing fine wines. With a firm basis of camaraderie setting the tone for how the cellar operates, the focus never deviates from producing wines that are not only for exceptional enjoyment, but driven by passion, pride and a discerning palate.

Danielle Jacobs, Boschendal, Assistant Winemaker

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