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Boschendal 1685 Merlot gets score of 92

Yesterday, Boschendal 1685 Merlot 2015 received a very prestigious score on the Wine Magazine Merlot Report – run by Christian Eedes – a well-respected wine writer and critic.

67 entries were received from 50 producers. The judging panel was chaired by Christian Eedes and further consisted of Roland Peens and James Pietersen, both of Wine Cellar, Cape Town merchants and cellarers of fine wine. They tasted blind,  with ratings done according to the 100-point system. From Christian Eedes – “a lot of wines scored in the 86-89 bracket on the `100-point quality scale – 67% of the line-up to be precise with 86.4 being the average score overall – and it needs to be said once again that there is no shame in this. These wines are immensely appealing but typically lack that little bit extra complexity which would elevate them beyond the 90-point threshold. “

Only 6 of the 67 wines entered scored above 90, with 92 being the highest score. Interestingly – a ‘ringer’ wine from much acclaimed La Chenade 2014 from Lalande de Pomerol and as made by Denis Durantou of Église-Clinet which retails for R295  was included in the line-up and scored 91.

Boschendal 1685 Merlot 2015 scored 92 points – only one of 2 wines to achieve this as the highest score! Congratulations to Richard, Stephan and team. This is really high praise indeed.

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